Create your own book

One thing we all want our kids to do is read and write. Sometimes kids really don’t like to read, or to write, and so parents have to use tricks to get them to do this.

If your child is in school, it is possible they simply don’t like what they have to write about. I have worked with many neighborhood children to improve their reading and writing. The first thing I have to do, which normally solves all other problems, is to find something that interests them. I let them pick the subject and they way they want to write. If they want to draw and then write a comic book, I encourage it. Writing is writing.
If the problem is reading you have to pick a book they will find interesting, and a method they will find interesting. Barnes and Noble’s color Nook will interact with your kids. As will any number of books on the iPod and iPad. The Leap Frog reading systems (Tag and Tag Jr.) are also great. But in the end, it has to be something that interests them. Get a library card and go visit the library so they can choose between a lot of subjects. Eventually they will find something they like.
Tikatok lets the children create their own books. They have options for blank books, partially done books, and memory books. It is an interesting system that lets the children illustrate and write their own story. My son is too young to write his own story, so he tells me the story and I write it for him. We have also taken his favorite made-up bedtime stories, the “Prince Nicholas” stories, and made them into books.
If you don’t want to pay to create a book, you can always make your own by taking 8.5″x11″ paper, folding it in half, and stapling it in the middle. Then you can write on the pages and make your own book.
All of this captures his interest and creates a love of reading that I hope will stick with him throughout his life.
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