Easy ways to incorporate music into your day.

Music time

Teaching music to toddlers can be simple and fun

Music time happens every day at our house. It is not a formal thing, but music is a part of our life and a part of our day. Whether you have older children who play instruments or sing and need to practice every day, or if you have infants and toddlers and just want music to be a part of their life, it is easy to include it.

Our daily music time lessons always include singing. I make sure we sing in the car. Car rides are a great time to expose children to all kinds of music – they are a captive audience. Everything from classical to 80s rock gets played in our car. I will intersperse one song I like with a bunch of the children’s songs. However you choose to do it, singing in the car is a great way to instill some love of music in your toddler.

At home we leave the TV off (when it is off) and we listen to music – a large variety. We dance to the music, making sure to jump on the beats. This is teaching music, expression, and whether the beat is in the music. Learning where the beat is in a song is something everyone can benefit from regardless of whether they will sing, play an instrument, or simply be enjoyers of music.

We don’t have sit-down music lessons. We simply do a bunch of music all day long. Sometimes, we even go to the piano and practice playing with our fingers, one at a time. Then we also sing the names of the notes of the piano keys.

Toddlers learn a lot through absorption, even when you don’t think they are learning. So however you incorporate music into your daily life, know that they children are learning as you sing, dance, and play music.

Easy ways to include music:

1. Sing in the car.

2. Dance to music at home instead of having the TV on.

3. Make tambourines or shakers out of paper plates and toilet paper rolls, then shake them and dance (or shake them to the beat of a favorite song).

4. Make up a song about “cleaning up” and sing it every time you clean up.

5. Sing a special “potty time” song when your child is on the potty.

6. Play freeze dance as a game.

7. Give your child access to a piano and let them play – hands only (toddlers might want to play with their feet or elbows or head).

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