Bubble experiments.

Playing in bubbles teaches science to preschoolers while still being fun.

Not every lesson has to be a lesson. While homeschooling parents (and parents in general) vary on how they teach their children, all parents recognize that children learn in various ways.

One of the ways that young children learn is through play. By creating a “play” situation for them, you can teach them about things while they are playing.

This is a bubble experiment.

Equipment needed: A sink/tub/bucket/bathtub, something to make bubbles, toys of various shapes and densities. Towels for clean up.

I created a play area – the sink filled with bubbles and some toys were put next to the sink – and let my son play in it. He naturally threw the toys into the sink. Then he was shocked that some floated and some sunk.

When he asked why – as toddlers ask all the time – we talked about things being denser or less dense than water. Then I pulled out some toys I had hidden and before he threw each one into the tub asked him, “Do you think this will float or sink? Why?” He guessed (some right and some wrong), but always said, “Because it is less dense than water.” (He thought everything would float). When he got tired of that game we simply played in the water and the bubbles.

It was bubbles and fun and a science lesson all in one. It was easy to do, and he helped clean up the water that was spilled (he always has to help clean up a mess he makes because it teaches him to clean up after himself).

Science is easy when it is combined with playtime.

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