Product Review: Kumon Book of Easy Mazes (ages 2-3-4).

Kumon's Easy Mazes: An opportunity for children to being logical thinking and problem solving.

I purchased this book from the Barnes and Noble on Sunrise in Sacramento. This particular Barnes and Noble has a big section of “schooling” books and kids developmental toys and projects. I went browsing for a book that would do three things:

1. Teach him how to follow directions.

2. Learn beginning problem solving and logical thinking.

3. Practice drawing and tracing.

I saw the “My Book of Easy Mazes” and decided it would do all three things. The mazes are all set up the same – go from the arrow to the star staying on the path (following directions). Figuring out how to get from the arrow to the star teaches beginning problem solving and logical thinking (when I hit the wall I have to turn around). Then actually drawing the path works on his fine motor skills that he’s going to need to write letters in the future (drawing and tracing).

My son loves the mazes and wants to do them before he eats breakfast. They go from very easy (the first maze has the arrow at the mouth of a worm and the star at the end and no deviations from the path), to more complex mazes. We are working our way up and he’s doing much better now with tracing the path and drawing than he was at the beginning. He’s also developing more problem solving skills with problems other than how to reach the cookies on the top shelf.

I like it because the instructions are clear. There are even tips on how to work the book in the front (for parents). Every maze is done in a set of two – you can rip the pages out and put them in a folder and each “lesson” is simply the front and back of the page.

This book is easy to use, does what I wanted it to do, and is age appropriate. It is not so “baby” that he’s not interested and not so complex he’s unable to do them.

I recommend this book.

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