Creating a learning space.

Some of the posters on our wall in our learning space.

Our music learning wall.

How can you create a learning space in your home?

Some people don’t think they need a learning space, learning can be done everywhere. While that is true, it is also good to have a space dedicated to learning things that a child might need to sit down a learn. Also, it will help keep you organized if you have all your supplies, learning toys, developmental goals, and other assorted tools in one space. We have a small play room at the front of the house that has been dedicated as a learning space.

This isn’t a school room. This isn’t the only place we learn in the house. I use the whole house (neighborhood and community too) as a learning space. But in this space, we can dedicate certain time and things to learning. Toddlers and kids of all ages do better with routines, and having a learning space can help reinforce a routine.

I am not that good at drawing. So I went to Lakeshore Learning and got posters of things I wanted up on the wall. Shapes, colors, letters, opposites, numbers, and beginning reading words are all up on the wall. They give my son something to look at. It also gives me a way to have “running lessons” – he stands at the other end of the room and I call something out and he runs to it and touches it.

We do school time in our learning room. It helps me, and him, focus on what we are doing. There are no snacks to distract us, no mess to make me want to go clean while he works….we simply focus on learning.

I also have a piano there that we play, and put the music learning next to the piano. He likes to look at what I am playing and point to the pictures on the wall and tell me how they are similar.

You can create a learning space anywhere, and with any budget. Simply decide where you want that space to be and put everything you need for homeschooling there. Then keep it neat and tidy so everyone can focus when they are in the learning space.

Whether you create your own posters, buy posters, don’t have posters, or whatever way you choose to decorate, keep the space focused on learning. There is a reason why education specialists say to have a homework space clear of everything but what the kids need to do their homework – it is because having a dedicated space to learn in makes it more likely that children will learn. And eventually they are going to need to sit down and learn things, and focus on certain skills – so having that practice in the “learning space” while they are young will reinforce this idea for when they are older.

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