Review: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Let’s Learn Numbers and Counting

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Let's Learn Numbers and Counting might work for some toddler, like mine, but parents might not like it.

I use a lot of workbooks right now in teaching my son. Workbooks are a fun, relatively cheap, easy way to have activities to do – on paper- that he and I can sit down and do together. They are put together by someone else (saves time) and have activities that are already geared towards helping your child learn.

Not all workbooks are created equal – as I am learning. I love the Kumon series of workbooks because they are easy to use, complete lessons on each page, and have instructions to help parents guide their children.

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Let’s Learn Numbers and Counting workbook was not like this at all. First, there are pages filled with story lines that are supposed to get the kid into doing the worksheet pages. My son doesn’t need a story. He just needs to see Mickey and friends on the page, so the story didn’t work. Secondly, the lessons are not on complete pages that you can tear out. The lessons start on the back of a page and go to the front of the next page – which makes it impossible to tear them out. I like books where I can tear the pages out so I don’t have to carry the book or have the book on the table. My son gets distracted and will want to read the whole book and pick and choose what he will do. I eliminate this problem by tearing out the worksheets we will do, and put them in a folder. Then he gets to choose the order of the worksheets in the folder.

Also, this book was too involved. The stickers and pieces for games were in the back. Nothing was punch out, you would have to cut all the pieces out by hand for each activity. Activities that should have been done with stickers (put the matching puzzle piece here), were done by cutting out pieces and gluing them down. It was too much work.

I really didn’t like it. It did have him count in each lesson and write the numbers in each lesson (with my help). But it didn’t have an easy of use that the Kumon books have. Maybe for an older kid, or a parent with more time, or a kid who can use scissors and do the cutting themselves, this book would have been great. But for our family, this book didn’t work.

Before I buy another Disney workbook, I will have to make sure it isn’t like this one. Although the Disney characters helped my son want to sit down and do the work, the work outside of the worksheet was too much to make this book easy to use.

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