Art time: Collages

Collages are the ultimate art activity when you have a little bit of everything but not enough of anything. In order to do collages all the supplies you need are as follows:

Paper, glue/adhesive, any art supplies you have (we used glitter, sequins, stickers, googly eyes, and rhinestones). You can even do collages with multiple colors of paper – simply cut the paper into random shapes to glue onto the backing.

Simply put everything out on the table, and let the kids go to work.

This is the collage that my son made. He was responsible for putting the glue down onto the paper for the sequins and googly eyes. This made him practice squeezing a bottle and making it go where he wanted. Watching him put the sequins onto the glue was a lot like watching him – as a baby – rake Cheerios on his high chair tray. But he practiced and by the end of art hour he had it down. Same theory on removing the back of stickers from the stars and guitars.

I let him put things wherever he wanted. It was his job to express himself and make something that he wanted to make. I simply provided the supplies and was there to help if he needed it.

He made me put it right up on our art wall at home and he showed it off to his dad saying “Daddy, I made something beautiful today.” He is really proud of his art work. That’s the goal of art after all. And he even helped with cleanup afterwards.

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