The game of “Memory.”

All the supplies you need to make your own memory game - index cards, a marker, and scissors. You can get more complex if you want to.

Everyone has played Memory. It’s the game where you have matching cards and you flip them over (so the pictures don’t show) and mix them up. Then you take turns picking two cards, hoping they will match, until all the matches are made.

We have an iPod app like that that my son likes, so I decided to make a set of those cards for us to use in our lesson this week on words, letters, and sounds.

I decided to focus on the letters A-I. I thought that 18 cards would be enough for a fun Memory game. It wouldn’t be so easy he would do it quickly, and it wouldn’t be so challenging he wouldn’t want to play again (Remember, he’s almost 3, so it has to be a smaller game).

All I did was cut the index cards in half. I wrote the letters A – I on 9 of the cards. Then on the other 9 I drew a picture for an object that starts with the same letter and wrote the name of the object below the picture. I’m no artist (see the picture of the finished game below), but it turns out I didn’t have to be to draw the cards.

You then simply put them out on the floor. Tell the child to flip one over. They are trying to match the letter they flip over to the picture that starts with the same letter. Then keep going until the game is done.

I didn’t expect this to be a great hit the first time. I was very wrong. We played 10 times before I drew an end to the game. We also played 5 times after dinner, and had to play again the next morning before he would eat breakfast. The whole thing took about 10 minutes to do (including pictures), and gave us a lot of fun. Every time he made a match he would dance and cheer for himself. So it was worth while. I figure we will do the next set of letters as soon as I make the next set of cards.

Here's the completed Memory game. I am no artist, but it was fun to make and fun to play.

Supplies needed: index cards, scissors (to cut the index cards in half), a marker. If you want to make more elaborate cards, go with colors or printed pictures of things.

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