Candyland is a great beginning board game. The rules are easy and movement is based on colors.

Candyland is a fairly well known game from childhood.

It is an easy game. It is based on colors. Essentially, the board is a pathway of different colored blocks. You move one or two colored blocks depending on the color and number of blocks on the card you draw. There are certain special cards that let you jump into the lead, or go back to the beginning.

Since it is based on colors, it is an easy game to teach preschoolers. We got this for my son, who just turned three, and we play it at least three or four times a day.

It requires everyone to take turns and move only the way the cards tell you to. This requires everyone to follow the rules.

So in addition to a new game, some fun, and working with colors, toddlers learn to follow the rules and take turns.

This is a very easy and basic game for toddlers. They can really get a sense of accomplishment when they finish and reach the castle at the end.


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