Product Review: Leapfrog Tag Junior

We love our Leapfrog Tag Junior. Some parents are against electronic toys – I understand their point of view. But for us, the Tag Junior has really helped. It allows our son to read on his own. In addition to reading the words of the story, the Tag Junior can be placed over various parts of the page and do different things. Sometimes it makes a sound, sometimes it tells more information, and sometimes it asks the child to find something from earlier in the book. These extras are a great incentive for a child to go exploring in a book.

In addition to the fun, this is something they can do on their own. We have used it on long car ride, when we need to get something done (like dishes or preparing for a lesson, or simply needing some space from each other). Our son will take it into his room and use it during quiet time.

This is not a substitute for a parent reading to a child. But it is a fun toy to use to get a child into reading, enjoying books, and learning more about things.

The only thing is – most of the books are pretty basic. Our son has, at the age of three, outgrown this on an academic level. He has used it for a year and a half. It has been great. We have used most of the books they have – the shapes, letters, emotions, opposites, colors, instruments, and rhymes. We have used the character books (Cars) and the “Mr. Brown Can Moo” book. He has really enjoyed these. He still enjoys reading them for fun. He is not learning as much from them anymore – he already knows is colors and thing – but he is learning the what the words for these things look like and still enjoys sitting down in his beanbag to read with the Tag Junior while I am feeding the baby.

Additionally, you can only keep about 5 books at a time on the Tag Junior. It is not hard to load and unload books, but it would be nice if you could keep more than five on there. However, 5 books is enough for most weeks – just not enough for long car rides.

Overall, we really enjoy the Leapfrog Tag Junior. It has done well, and we are looking forward to the Tag system – which is the next level up.

LeapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal

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