Reading time

Do you read with your children?

The recommended time to read is at least 15 minutes a day. This doesn’t seem like a big commmitment, and it isn’t. Everyone can spend 15 minutes a day reading with their children. Here are some strategies to make reading more fun.

1. Pick kid-friendly books on kid-friendly topics. I know some parents like to simply read whatever they are reading to the kids, and this works while they are babies and can’t go anywhere, but once they are bigger you need kid friendly books. Some favorites in our house are Dr. Seuss, anything with Cars (Disney movie), and anything with trucks or fire engines. If you don’t know what your child would like, schedule a time to go to the library and let them roam around and choose. In Sacramento, the libraries let you take out 30 books at a time, renew them online, and even get children library cards. This is a fun and free way to read.

2. Settle down before reading. Reading is not a run-around-the-house activity. It is a more settled activity. So this means you need to settle down before reading. If you have an active child, like mine, then you need a period of active play before reading. Only then can kids settle down to focus on reading.

3. Have fun. If you treat this as a chore, so will your children.

Books can open up whole new worlds. They can take kids to space, explain the weather, and make new friends. Reading is not only important, it is fun.

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