Tips for reading with children

Tips for reading with Preschoolers:

  • Read together every day. The more you make it a habit, the more reading will get done.
  • Talk about everything. If you child asks a question, answer it. The more you talk about things, the more their vocabulary will grow.
  • Read in different voices. For each character, use a different voice to make it interesting.
  • Be interactive. Discuss what is happening with the book. Ask questions: What do you think will happen next? Why did this happen?
  • Read things over and over and over again. Kids love repetition.
  • Point out familiar words on signs, in stores, and everywhere.

Tips for reading with Toddlers:

  • Don’t expect them to sit still for the book. It is okay if they run around while you are reading – you will be surprised at how much they are listening and learning.
  • Singing songs and rhymes helps toddlers learn words and word order. Deliberately make a mistake in your toddler’s favorite song and see how long it takes before they correct you.
  • Keep reading short. Do it more often rather than having more time at one sitting.
  • Read about things they are interested in. A book with a ton of truck pictures, even if the words seem too big for a toddler, will hold their attention better than a book with no pictures or pictures they are not interested in.

Tips for reading with Babies:

  • Snuggle up with a book. Babies love to be held and snuggled so reading a book while doing this is a bonus.
  • Choose baby-friendly books. These are books that can be touched and played with and handled hard. The heirloom edition of fairy tales might be nice to have, but it is not nice for babies to read.
  • Encourage your baby to talk to you. They will use coos and gurgles, but these are the beginnings of words and vocalizations. The more these are encouraged the more they will develop.
  • Make reading a habit. Just like good sleeping habits, good reading habits start early.
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