Nature Week – Day 1 and 2.

In honor of Earth Day this week we are having Nature Week at the Wunderlich household.

Monday’s Lesson: What is Nature?

On Monday we learned about what we count as Nature.

Activity 1: Look around the backyard and decide what is nature and what is not nature. We ran around the backyard yelling, “Nature,” or “Not nature,” about everything. Nicholas correctly told me that the plants, trees, grass, dirt, bird, clouds, sky, puddles, and seeds were nature. Then the boards, nails, fence, patio, toys, chalk, chalkboard, bee catcher, plane in the air, and house were “not nature.”

Activity 2: Drawing nature. We did some art time today. I wrote the words, “tree, flower, bush, sun, clouds,” on separate sheets of paper. He drew various pictures of each one on the right paper. We did end up with purple clouds, red trees, and brown flowers – and all the drawings looked rather alike – but he attempted it.

Activity 3: Trace the words. I wrote several words in block lettering that related to nature. He then used his pencil and traced the words. Then he tried writing the words, with helpful guidance from me, on a separate sheet of paper.

Tuesday’s Lesson: Flowers and Trees.

In preparation for this activity, I looked online and printed out color pictures of roses, poppies, tulips, and daisies. I also printed pictures of ever greens (pine), maples, oaks, and willows. I put these pictures on a sheet of paper with the right names next to them. I also printed out basic information about each type of flower or tree that included: How it grows, how big it can get, what colors is comes in, what its leaves/flowers look like, and where it grows.

Activity 1: Naming things. We named all the pictures and talked about the difference between a tree and a flower. He then circled all the flowers on the page in red, and all the trees in green.

Activity 2: How things grow. I did a preschool version of how things grow. Things grow from a seed to a plant with water, sunlight, and good dirt. We went outside and watered plants and made sure all our plants got sunlight. He walked to each plant and put water on it and made sure it could get sunlight. We got online and looked at pictures of different seeds and the plants they grow into.

Activity 3: I then cut the pictures of flowers and trees apart. I helped him write the number for all tall they will get – in inches – on the bottom of each picture. Then he had to arrange them in order from the smallest to the largest. Then we mixed them up and did largest to smallest. We did this multiple times because he thought it was fun.

Activity 4: I made a word search puzzle for him, using the words on the sheet of paper that he traced. It was a large word search – I had to tape 2 pieces of paper together to make it. Each time he found a word we crossed it off the other sheet of paper. He eventually found them all, but he did need help.

Activity 5: I drew a grass field and a sky with a sun on a piece of paper. Then I gave him nature stickers that included birds, trees, flowers, et al. He got to make a nature scene on the piece of paper.

The rest of the lessons

The rest of the lessons will be posted as I do them. Wednesday is going to be clouds. Thursday is going to be a nature scavenger hunt and rocks. Friday will be about lakes, oceans, and rivers.

Online Resources I Used

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