What is in your trunk?

What is in your trunk?

For some people, their trunk is a place to stash junk or assorted items there is no room for in the garage. For us, the trunk is simply another place to put learning materials.

It is summer time  – almost. This means lots of trips outside. This also means random stops at parks whenever we are out. Or at a lake, or a trail. Really, we will stop almost anywhere. Therefore, our trunk is stashed with fun things to do.

These things don’t take up a lot of room, but they allow us to take any trip and turn it into a learning experience at a moment’s notice.

Our summer list:

  • Chalk – who doesn’t like to draw with chalk? We can trace shadows, ourselves, draw bugs, or plants. Or hopscotch!
  • Paper – In case the urge to draw, write, or document something comes on us.
  • Crayons – to use with the paper, since preschoolers aren’t great with markers and pens. Crayon also comes out of car seats with a little work.
  • A ball – for game playing, bouncing, and overall fun.
  • Sand toys – we always keep a bucket, shovel, and a mold or two in the trunk. The bucket can double as a leaf collector if we get the urge to stop somewhere.
  • Extra wipes – getting dirty is a blast, and we like to have the means to clean up from it.
  • Plastic bags – always a must with children.

See how simple the list is? This allows us to turn anything we want into a learning experience and to have a fuller experience of some things. Sometimes, the house isn’t the best place to learn. I can teach about plants in a park where there are lots of different plants to run around to, touch, see, and draw – or we can do it in our house without those options.

We can learn about shadows at home, or we can go find interesting shadows and trace them outside.

Having these items in the trunk simply allows us more flexibility.

And always keep your camera on you!

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