German and science – nature lesson

Our window lesson - German, science, spelling, and art all in one.

We have a great back door. It is all glass and looks outside. On rainy days we can do raindrop races down the window. On other days, we can do lessons on the windows.

I recently got the “Crayola window markers.” Sometimes you purchase things hoping they are going to be fun and easy to clean – this was one of those purchases. They are fairly easy to clean, and they are fun; they serve their purpose. Today’s purpose was to do a lesson on the window. I couldn’t get my son to settle for a lesson at the table, so we used the window instead.

Today’s lesson is a repeat, but in different words. He loves to hear about how things grow. So we drew two growing things – a tree and a flower. Then I asked what they needed to grow – I was told water and sun (which is what he has learned). So we drew the sun. Then I asked how we get water. His answers were: a hose or a cloud drops rain. So we drew a cloud and raindrops.  When I say we drew, I mean that I drew these ones and he used the other side of the door to draw his. So we both drew. Lessons go better with us when I participate too.

Then we labeled everything he could label. The sun, cloud, rain, tree, stem, flower, and leaf all got labels. We spelled out each word as we wrote them. Then the words got written in German too. Each word got pronounced in German and English. Then we talked about how a tree grows, and pointed to each thing as we did it.

Finally, we stood back and looked at our work. We decided it was awesome and I won’t clean it up. But tomorrow, Nicholas and I will clean it up with a little Windex and a lot of paper towels. It won’t take too long, but it is a lesson in cleaning up what you mess up.

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