Our pirate week!

Today starts the first day in our pirate week. Lucky for us, the first day is about ships and the ocean.

We bought one of those foam art kits that makes a pirate ship. I looked up all the names of the parts of the ship on the internet and wrote them down, plus their definitions. As we were putting the ship together, we named all the parts and pointed them out on my definitions sheet.

Then we took the ship out to see if it would float in our kiddie pool (it did). And then Nicholas blew into the ship to make it travel, like wind blows into sails. We looked up different types of sailboats on the internet and named the parts that we saw of them that were the same as the parts on the pirate ship. We also watched a video “The Physics of Sailing.

This was our lesson for today. It had some spelling and reading (off the definition sheet, typing things into the search engine on the computer), some science (how sail boats work), and some general fun learning (about boats in general).

The lesson didn’t take long – about an hour, which includes putting the boat together. The prep time took me 40 minutes last night to find everything, print off the definition sheet, get the boat ready to put together, and have everything in one spot and ready to go. These types of lessons are great because they tie into things that my son loves – pirates – and still teaches him things. The lesson isn’t a strict classroom lesson, but is a hands on lesson and enables him to learn in the way he likes to learn – hands on. It also is a theme lesson – a lesson based on a single theme rather than a collection of lessons that are unlinked (which is what they get in a classroom). This is simply the way we like to learn at our house.

Map day is tomorrow!!!

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