Pirate week continued: Maps

I am late in putting up the rest of our pirate week. And I do apologize. We have been very busy with learning to swim and other fun summer activities. But here’s the map lesson of our pirate week.

Here's the map that Nicholas drew and I labeled to the downstairs of our house. The "x" is for the treasure.

We first wrote the word “map” on a blank piece of paper and talked about what a map is. Then we went through books, looking at different types of maps. I also have a map of the US on the wall, so we looked at that. On the map of the US, we labeled where we live. On the maps of California, we labeled where we live and where other relatives live in California.

Then we got to the fun part, drawing our maps. Prior to this lesson, I hid a “treasure” of gold chocolate coins. I was going to have Nicholas draw a map of the downstairs, then I would put an “x” on it for his to hunt for the treasure.

I gave him a blank piece of paper and drew the stairs, and labeled them stairs. Then I asked, “So what goes next to the stairs on the map?” He accurately put the different things in the correct location in relation to everything else. His artistic/drawing skills leave something to be desired (he is only 3 though). Then we labeled everything.

After labeling everything, I spelled out each word, and we ran at touched each thing after we spelled it.

The I said, “What is under the X on a pirate map?” He said, “Treasure.” So I said, “Here’s the X on your map (and drew the X), so you have to go find your treasure.”

He hunted around for 10 minutes, searching and trying to use the map. It was cute to watch him turn the map around and around, trying to figure out where he was. I helped when he asked for it, and let him go when he didn’t ask for help. It took about 15 minutes of searching (10 with the map, 5 without the map) for him to find the treasure. But he did find it, and promptly ate it!

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