If parents know best….

There is an article that I found about “parents knowing best” about the things their children need in education. I saw that this article was part of the Top-Ed website and found it funny. Top-Ed is about thoughts on public education, so when I fist saw this title I thought it was a mistake. Sure enough it is a mistake. (See the article here).

Instead of going the full measure and saying that parents know best so homeschooling should be an options parents consider, the article only mentions the current attacks on charter schools. I understand that not all parents can homeschool. Single parent families need public schools (or private schools). But when saying, “parents know best about choices for their children in education,” it only seems fair to mention homeschooling and private schools. Those are two options the article doesn’t even discuss.

If you truly think that parents know best, then parents should be the teachers. The primary teachers; not the homework overseers or teachers of last resort. Parents should be the ones directing education.

There are choices for people who need to have their kids in school or who cannot stay home. There are many online charters. You can find a friend to leave the kids with during the day and let the kids do the online charter. Some online charters (like the South Sutter Charter School that serves the Sacramento area) are for homeschooling families. But they still stick to age/grade distinctions and do the publicly required tests (many homeschooling families don’t like these). And some online charters, like K-12 and Visions, are public schools, but done at home.

What do you think? Do you as a parent know best? I know my children better than anyone, and I know that I can serve their needs better than a school.

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