Making a schedule.

Everyone needs a schedule. We all have one. If our schedule is simply when we go to bed and when we wake up, we still have a schedule. Kids do better with a schedule, and so do adults.

Now, by schedule, I don’t mean a serious plan. “From 1pm to 1:15pm we break for a snack of apples and cheese,” can be a type of schedule, but that requires serious planning. That type of schedule is also strict.

For us, a schedule is a list of activities we are accomplishing that day and the general time period when we are going to accomplish them (morning, after lunch, after dinner, after Abby (the little sister) goes to bed). We have certain tasks we have to accomplish everyday, and Nicholas gets to help schedule them. This teaches him a few things:

1. That everyday we have things to do.

2. How to plan his day.

3. General time frames.

This also give him some control over his day, which tends to make the day eaiser.

Our morning starts with breakfast and schedule planning. I take a blank sheet of paper and write our four time frames in four boxes (fold the paper in half, then in half again to get the boxes). Then we put our activities in the boxes. He gets to choose a chore (today he wants to sweep and dust, and do it after lunch). He gets to choose when he wants to do math (in the morning), art (after Abby goes to sleep), and a special activity. He wants to play with his small Legos today (we keep them away generally so that Abby doesn’t eat them). He chose to do this after lunch, when Abby is napping. Then we put in some other things. We have playgroup this morning, the gym after lunch, and a walk to do (after dinner).

Then we put the schedule out on the counter and cross things off as we do them. It gives Nicholas some control and organization. It also helps me organize our day a little bit.

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