Color and letter of the day: B and Blue!

We are starting to do a color and letter of the day plan. I let him pick the letter and I pick the color.

We do (always) a few activities:

1. Write the letter in upper and lower case.

2. Write the color in the color (in this case, write “blue” in a blue marker).

3. Use stamps to make words that start with the letter.

Today we also added a “B” scavenger hunt.

Letter B scavenger hunt:

I made up a list of items we have around the house that start with the letter B and put them on  a sheet of paper. The list was both words and pictures (thank you ClipArt, because I am not an artist). Then I put a basket down and gave him the list. His job is to collect the items and put them in the basket, then cross them off the list. He did a great job!

Scavenger hunt list:







Which is which?

Then I made index cards with each word on it. His job was to match the word to the index card. He did a decent job, but we spent about 45 minutes doing it, sounding out words and figuring out which order letters went in for the words. But eventually it was done.

We celebrated with … Brownies!!!

Blue hunt:

We also did a  blue hunt. I pulled out the blue Post-Its (I love Post-Its) and ran around the house sticking them on all things blue. Then we ran around the house and picked them up later and counted how many things we found that were blue by counting the Post-Its.

It really was a fun morning.

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