Zoo day!

Today is Target free admission to the Sacramento Zoo. I like going places with free admission. It makes it worth while to go for the couple of hours my kids will spend there.

In honor of free admission day, I decided today would be about the zoo.

First, I got on the Sacramento Zoo website early this morning. They have a kids section with a listing of animals. I like mammals, and so does Nicholas, so mammals are where I concentrated my efforts. (Click here for the Sacramento Zoo’s mammal page)

You can click on each animal and get a fact sheet about them. So, having explored this for a while I decided that is what we would do for lesson time this morning.

Nicholas loved clicking around on the website. We don’t get on the internet often and let him just click around, so this was fun. He got to choose animals and had to search for them based on their pictures. Then we spelled the name of the animal (tiger or lion) as we looked at the name on the page. We read the information and he thought it was great. He quickly learned that the fact sheets had a pattern of how they were set up and would point to areas of the fact sheet and say, ‘Here’s what it eats. Read it to me please.”

National Geographic Kids also has great information on these animals (click here for a link to their tiger page). We strolled around there for a while too. We also played some of their games. The “Anagram Farm” was a fun game that had Nicholas trying to spell things. They also have videos of the animals, which was fun to watch with him.

Then, I made a list of the animals that he wants to see. He had to help me spell the names of the animals, but we made our list. Now we are off to the zoo with him and his list. I hope this is going to be fun for everyone!

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