Leapfrog Tag Reading System.

We recently got a Leapfrog Tag system for Nicholas (he’s 3.5). We have the Leapfrog Jr. Tag and love it, so I thought the progression to the Tag system would be great.

The Tag Jr. uses a bigger reader while the Tag uses a reader the size of a pen. The children are asked to point the tip of the pen over the words (and then the system reads the words), or press it on various buttons (so you can ply a game or have the system read the page to you). It is a fun system, easy to use, and we love it. The variety of books are great.

Some people would just let their kids go with the system. I am not like that. We work on it together, and he can use it alone when I am putting the baby down for a nap.

You need to cover a few things with the children and the Tag:
1. You read from left to right, front to back, and top to bottom. These are things kids naturally learn while reading with you, but it is something that needs to be reinforced.

2. How to play the games and what things mean. The games help improve reading comprehension because they ask the children to find things in the book that occurred. It has been great for us.

3. How to press the pen. Sometimes the pen needs to be help just so, and pressed just right, over the various parts of the book. You have to review how to do this.

Once you go through these steps, it becomes a very fun learning toy. Nicholas thinks he’s playing when he’s reading the books with the pens. But he’s learning what words look like, what words sound like, how words are spelled, and reading comprehension. These are all important skills for children to learn. If they can learn them while playing, so much the better.

We love the Leapfrog Tag and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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