And we are back.

More of the finger painting mess. By the time they were done, there were 14 squares of our floor covered in finger paint.

I took a break from blogging about our homeschooling adventures while we were setting up our preschool group and getting it running. Also, we have been doing some major fall cleaning and family support over the past few weeks. All this has left little to no time to blog with.

But now we are back.

Our preschool group is going well. It is amazing how much Nicholas loves it.

It isn’t that the group is covering anything – academically – that he doesn’t already know. It is simply a way to get out of the house and play with friends. The moms involved rotate teaching and hosting the group. We have a schedule and everyone sticks to it. The group is a ton of fun and I am glad we are doing it.


The beginning of the finger painting mess. Good thing floors - and kids - are washable.

Homeschooling continues. We work on stuff everyday. Yesterday our trip to the grocery store took an hour to get ready because Nicholas wanted to write out his grocery list himself. It is a good thing I made my own list too. But he took the time to write down the words (all 2 of them – bananas and waffles) and sound out what letter comes next (waffle was spelled “wafel”). But he did it. And then we went to the store. It was a great moment for me when he made all the letters correctly and was trying to sound out the words. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Then we did some finger painting. I love art. It is fun to do. Not so much fun to clean up though. Good thing that learning about chores and being part of a house if part of what I am aiming to teach Nicholas. He works hard at creating a mess and then works hard at cleaning it up.


Our finger painting adventure was cleaned up using vinegar and water and paper towels. Nicholas was responsible for spraying the water/vinegar all over the paint. Then we laid down paper towels and mopped it all up with them – with our feet! He thought it was great fun and I got to have my floor cleaned and the mess cleaned without any fuss.

Well, on with our week and I will get back to blogging.

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