Sacramento Children’s Museum

Welcome to the Sacramento Children's Museum. This is their monster logo.

We love the Sacramento Children’s Museum.

They just opened not so long ago, and we visited once with the preschool group and have gone back at least once a week on our own. They have great exhibits for kids, family restrooms (so there’s none of this “I don’t want to go into the girl’s bathroom”), a quiet place to eat, a contained area where kids cannot get out by themselves, nice workers, and great parking (and a lot of it).

When you first go in they even have a lite-bright outside where you pay so your children can be occupied while you find your membership card and ID or pay your entrance fee. As a side note, they don’t let people in without kids. If you show up to meet someone there and you don’t have kids, the staff comes to find the people you are meeting. How awesome is that?!

They have an exhibit called “Raceways” which has golf balls that go down race tracks. There are signs all around to help parents teach their kids about the scientific principles involved. This way, if you don’t

Abby liked reaching into the box of golf balls at the bottom of the Raceways exhibit and then taking them out and putting them back in. Even better was if they came down the roller coaster into the box from someone else.

know why gravity works or roller coasters work, you don’t have to study before you go. You can just read it right there! It is awesome. They even have an air-suction-powered thing that you can put handkerchiefs and fluffy balls into and it will spit them back out. This was a favorite of my 11 month old daughter as she loved chasing the things as they came out; others had to put them into the machine. I have decided, when I have a spare wall and tons of spare money, this would

You can paint on one side of the glass wall while someone watches you from the other side!

be nice to have to send things from downstairs to upstairs.

They have a huge art area where you can paint on a glass wall, do collages, and basically make a mess. The best part is everything is right there and I don’t have to clean it up.

Nicholas really liked painting on the glass wall. I would stand on one side of it and he would paint over me. Then I would move around. I got painted on quite a bit.

The staff was really nice and didn’t mind that he mixed all the colors together. In fact, when they realized he wanted orange (as they found out when there was a pile of yellow and red paint on the wall) they even got some out for him so he didn’t have to make his own. I kind of liked watching him make his own colors – it means he was learning his lessons about the primary colors.

There is also a water area. This is where we spent a lot of time. The smart planners that they are, the museum has the floor of the water area covered in those mats, so there are no big puddles. They also have a hand dryer (that doubles as a really good t-shirt dryer) on the side wall. There are aprons to cover your

The water play area was fun for all.

kids if you – and they – want to. Mine decided against it. There are great stools that let the shorter kids reach all the way into the water play. But the tables are low enough that my 3.5 year old didn’t need them – he could make quite the wet mess all on his own.

They have this great little area for the smallest guests. There are som seats that you can put the kids into that reach right into the water. Abby loved this.

There is also, among our favorites, a shopping center and a “Baby Bloomers” area (for kids 3 and under).

We really like it here and hope they are going to be open for a long time.

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