Sticker books

I am a huge fan of stickers and sticker book. First, they improve motor skills because the kids have to peel off stickers and put them onto the paper. Second, they explore imagination in ways crayons cannot. Sure, the pictures are already drawn, but when I watch my kid put a skateboarder sticker on a tree and tell me it’s because he’s in a tree house and wanted to skateboard down to the ground, it shows me he can link things together and use his imagination.

Currently, we are using the Sesame Street sticker books. He knows the characters and they are big stickers. Plus, they are themed. The “Big Sticker Book” which we are using now – click here for the link –Sesame Street Laugh and Learn (Super Sticker Book) – is about fun outside. It’s nice because we have done most of these activities over the summer. We have seen most of the animals and enjoyed everything. So he likes doing it.

Plus, it is a semi-independent activity. I’m involved in his learning and love it. But sometimes I need him to sit somewhere while I am cooking and dicing vegetables. This book lets him do it. I cut out the stickers for the page and talk to him about it while he’s doing it. Periodically I go check and talk about what he has done and praise his abilities; not falsely, I just find something good about what he has done. Then he keeps going and I keep cooking (or cleaning). It works out for all of us.

So that’s why I love sticker books. They aren’t something I would use exclusively, but they are fun to use.

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