Letter Christmas tree activity

We love Christmas here in the Wunderlich house. Lots and lots of Christmas. From the day after Thanksgiving to the Epiphany, we do Christmas. So it is only fitting that we are making letter Christmas trees this morning. 

Here’s how it works – cut out a Christmas tree from green paper (or whatever paper if your child wants a different color Christmas tree). If your child is handy with scissors, they can cut their own tree.

Then I wrote letters on the tree and put circles around each letter (for today we were doing B, D, b, d). Then give each letter a color. We glued red circles over the B’s, blue over the D’s, yellow stars over the b’s, and purple stars over the d’s. Then we hung the tree up on the wall. It is one of what will be many Christmas trees hanging on our walls this month.

There are several variations of this:

1. Use stickers instead of gluing things over each letter.

2. Color the circles/shapes instead of gluing things over them.

3. Have kids cut out letters (or use letter stickers like from scrapbooking sets) and have them “hang” words on the tree (if they can make words form letters). You might need bigger trees for this depending on the size of the letters.

If you have a great variation on this activity, don’t hesitate to post it in the comments section. If you send me a picture I’ll put it up on the website here.

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