Cheerio garlands

Christmas time is full of fun activities. But one that we did (and have no pictures of because they were promptly eaten) is Cheerio garlands.

First, not all lessons have to be “taught” – some lessons are best learned just hanging out or doing something else. Second, I believe in making lots of Christmas decorations, dumping them, and making new ones next year. Third, I have a 1 year old now, so the Christmas tree is decorated on the top-half only – and I thought Cheerio garlands could be added to the bottom half (too bad they were eaten).

This activity is simple – cut some yarn and string the Cheerios on it, then tie it off at the end. We did some traditional academic stuff while stringing them – we counted, added, and measured. But we also sang songs and talked about anything and everything from Santa and sharing to clouds and storms. It was a great activity.

It reminded me why it is fun to simply talk to your kids sometimes. As an added bonus, he made the snacks for the rest of the day.

And what was Abby doing during this you might ask? I gave her a shoelace and some Cheerios – she tried stringing them and then gave in and ate the Cheerios and tried to eat the shoelace.

it was a fun activity.

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