Santa Letters

Writing a letter to Santa seemed like a good idea. It would teach him that letters are written (not just email, like he thinks), and how to address an envelope and all the skills about letter writing. Or at least, it would introduce these skills to him.

Alas, all was not so. I wrote the “dear” and had him trace “Santa.” That was about our attention span.

“How is the letter getting to the North Pole?”

“Why do I have to write a letter after I already saw Santa?”

“Is he going to bring me everything on our list?”

“We don’t have a chimney, so how does Santa come in?”

“There isn’t enough time to send Santa a letter. Can we send him an email instead.”

These are a few of the questions that popped up after we traced “Santa” on the letter and then wrote it all over the paper (with varying degrees of success and legibility).

So I strolled the Internet and we found these sites that let you email Santa:

So we did those. My son finds typing easier than writing – as do most people. The kids, once they have letter recognition, can really do a good job with email and typing. So we did these websites.

Then of course, we had to write emails to everyone he could think of. We sent one to Dad (at work, so Nicholas can get one back), grandmother, aunts and uncles, and even a few of Mom’s cousins. Maybe he will get messages back. I’m seriously considering getting him an email address. Is that strange?

And then we got to go visit my favorite Christmas site – NORAD’s Santa tracker!

We played some of the games and had a lot of fun.

Now I’m being treated to the 50th rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” because he knows that reindeer make Santa’s sleigh fly. 

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