Feelings and “G”

So this year we are in a new preschool group. It’s nice because it is all boys – and boys tend to be more active than girls. With this group we are more academically focused than the last group. It’s my turn to teach, and I have the topic of “feelings” and the letter”g” for Tuesday’s lesson.

I started where I always start – I Googled “preschool lesson plans feelings.” No reason to reinvent the wheel, and a lot of times there are great ideas out there that I can incorporate into my own lesson.

I found this great site – http://www.toolsforeducators.com/feelings.php – that let me create worksheets based on feelings. I made a worksheet where they match faces to the words, one where I picked 5 words (happy, sad, sleepy, mad, dizzy) that they get to trace and print, and a picture dictionary they get to make. This site – http://downloads.cas.psu.edu/4H/Feelings.pdf – had a great full lesson plan to follow and I took some of their ideas too.

So here’s my  lesson plan:

1. Circle time: We do the traditional songs/weather and things we do.

2. The feeling-faces game: I made cards with the following feelings on them – sad, happy, crying, upset, tired, sleepy, dizzy, hot, cold, thirsty, hungry, silly. I’ll lay them out and have the kids flip one over and everyone can make a face/action that goes with the word. We will do this until they get tired of making faces.

3. Feelings worksheet: We will do the feelings worksheets I have printed out.

4. Music: Here’s our music time list – “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” “I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home,” “5 Little Monkeys,” “Hokey Pokey,” “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.” Notice that they are all active songs. I even have little shakers that they get to use to pick how fast we sing the songs.

5. “G” worksheets: Did I mention I love Starfall (www.starfall.com)? I printed off their “G” worksheets and some writing paper with the letter G on it and we will do that.

6. Beginning Scrabble – I made a set of index cards with the following letters on them (B, H, 2 E’s, 3 O’s, D, S, N). I’ll call out a word and they get to use their cards to spell it. The words are: be, he, do, so, and no. They are 5 short and easy sight words from the Kindergarten list.

7. My feelings today: I took a paper plate and wrote, “Today I feel…” on the outside. They are going to color the plate with their face and how they feel today.

Hopefully that gets me through the 2 hours. If not, I’ll have to figure out something more. But 7 activities will generally take 2 hours (about 15 minutes each with 15 minutes for leeway). If it runs short we will find things that make us happy, play “Red Light Green Light,” and then, if it is sunny, tag is always a favorite.

There’s the lesson!


Finished our first letter book!

This morning marks a big milestone for us – we finished our first book of letters!

We used the Spectrum “Learning Letters” Preschool edition. It has all the letters (big and small) along with a quick exercise for each letter. Some of the exercises are coloring, some are cutting and pasting. It was a fun book and got Nicholas really interested in writing his letters.

My goal was to finish it by the end of January – doing one letter a day. We finished a few days early.

It gave him practice to do his letters, and a book to complete so he felt accomplished when he was done. He kept asking me when we were going to finish so we could move onto the next book.

So today it is! Click on the link below if you want to use the book too.

Spectrum Learning Letters

I’m not worried.

Recently I’ve had some people ask me if I’m worried about socialization. My response is, “no way.”

We spend a lot of our day out. My kids interact with kid of all ages and types for one to two hours each morning at the gym. We go on park dates and play dates. We spend time at the library and bookstore for story time. We go to children’s classes am museums. They go to classes taught by others. We go to church and church groups.

So no, I’m not worried.

“But what about their peers?”

Here is the thing. Only in school will they be placed in a group of kids just their age and expected to interact with them. The classroom and school environment is artificial and does not resemble real life. So why do it that way?

But no. I’m not worried. Have you met my children? They socialize just fine.

Things that jump.


Today we get to do writing time with friends! Friends make everything easier and more fun.

Our lesson for today is “things that jump”.

So the words we are writing are:
Cat, frog, jump, all

These words go through a bunch of different letters and different shaped letters. So the kids get practice with a bunch of shapes.

We also had a piece of paper which I titled “things that jump”. The kids got to draw things they could think of that jumped.

Discovery Kids has some great videos of frogs jumping that we watched. We also watched some horse jumping.

Then we went outside and made a jumping obstacle course. They jumped the whole course.

That was our lesson for today.


We made some January goals.

The key to making goals with young kids is to make the goals easy to understand and to find a way to keep track of them on a daily basis so they are constantly reminded.

Our two goals are:

1. Write all our letters every day.
2. Make good choices.

To keep track of good choices I draw a star on his hand each time he makes a good choice. Bad choices end in time outs. At the end of the day we try to remember all the reasons for the stars.

To make sure we do our letters every day we have a letter worksheet. I printed out one for each day an we do it before breakfast. Then he gets to cut them up and we put the scraps in a bag and watch the bag get full. The bag has all the days of the month on the front and we cross off each date as we do it.

So those are our January goals. Hopefully we make them.

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