We made some January goals.

The key to making goals with young kids is to make the goals easy to understand and to find a way to keep track of them on a daily basis so they are constantly reminded.

Our two goals are:

1. Write all our letters every day.
2. Make good choices.

To keep track of good choices I draw a star on his hand each time he makes a good choice. Bad choices end in time outs. At the end of the day we try to remember all the reasons for the stars.

To make sure we do our letters every day we have a letter worksheet. I printed out one for each day an we do it before breakfast. Then he gets to cut them up and we put the scraps in a bag and watch the bag get full. The bag has all the days of the month on the front and we cross off each date as we do it.

So those are our January goals. Hopefully we make them.

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  1. As an update on January goals – since it is the end of February already – we did them. We wrote letters everyday and we focused on making good choices.

    Not that we always made good choices. But when bad choices were made, we both realized it immediately. Sometimes Nicholas realized he was making a bad choice before I realized he made a bad choice. It was nice.


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