I’m not worried.

Recently I’ve had some people ask me if I’m worried about socialization. My response is, “no way.”

We spend a lot of our day out. My kids interact with kid of all ages and types for one to two hours each morning at the gym. We go on park dates and play dates. We spend time at the library and bookstore for story time. We go to children’s classes am museums. They go to classes taught by others. We go to church and church groups.

So no, I’m not worried.

“But what about their peers?”

Here is the thing. Only in school will they be placed in a group of kids just their age and expected to interact with them. The classroom and school environment is artificial and does not resemble real life. So why do it that way?

But no. I’m not worried. Have you met my children? They socialize just fine.

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  1. alavare

     /  January 20, 2012

    I really think that people have this image of homeschooled kids as isolated and awkward, but the families who I know that home school are always out doing activities and socializing. I think that Meetup.com, Facebook, and community blogs have really made it easier to meet other people/families with similar interests. Hopefully as people meet more homeschool kids like yours, this stereotype will start to fade. Thanks for the posts! Amy L


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