Keeping the baby occupied.

So, for every child being homeschooled there is generally at least one sibling. In my case, there is only 1, and she’s 2.5 years younger. So while Nicholas is onto drawing letters, learning to read, and math, she’s still at using crayons. But what do you do when you are teaching your older one?

Keeping the baby occupied – a.k.a. “I want a lesson too” – is a planning task. 

Currently, the plan is to teach Abby colors. I give her 2 crayons, and we spend the time Nicholas is doing lessons drawing, coloring, and saying the name of each color. She knows blue from red now. I also use purple/yellow, and green/orange. We are working on the other ones.

What do you do to keep the younger ones occupied while working with the older kids?

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