Left-Right and Top-Bottom

Today’s work was all about left-right and top-bottom.

By now, we know the difference between top and bottom. We’ve been doing it during play for a while. We crawl to the top of the play structure, slide to the bottom of the slide……we wipe chalk and mud off the bottom of our shoes………all of these have taught top and bottom.

Today’s top to bottom was a little different. I drew pictures of Caterpillars and some feet and had Nicholas draw the legs, top to bottom, that connected the Caterpillar’s body and feet.  We drew some fireman poles – from top to bottom – and did some flower stems and balloon strings- also from top to bottom.

Then we worked on left to right. First of all we practiced reading with “Cat in the Hat.” And we made sure to read lines from left to right and top to bottom.

Then we drew lines connecting animals and their babies from left to right (I printed out pictures of animals and their babies using MS Publisher – thanks ClipArt for the multitude of images). Then he had to draw the letter of the animal above each line, and we went from the top to the bottom of the page.

We also practice writing the words: top, bottom, left, right.

Then we did the Hokey Pokey song and worked on our left and right sides of our bodies.

Why the emphasis on left to right and top to bottom? Well, these are some basics that need to be reinforced before serious reading and spelling can work. We are already working on some sight words and sounding out longer words in stories, and having him read stories he’s familiar with. And we, here in the USA, read left to right and top to bottom. So we are simply reinforcing the concepts he needs to read with some extra fun work.

And we had the letter M today. We drew lots of letter M’s today. After all, M is for Magnificent Mom.

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