Our solar system obsession

We are having a bit of a space obsession – a solar system obsession really- in our house. I’m perfectly happy to enable it.

For our lesson we got onto NASA’s website and looked at pictures of all the planets. The I wrote out each of the planets names and Nicholas did it too. That was the long part of the lesson.

After that I asked him if he wanted to draw or make a solar system. He chose to make one. So we picked an appropriate piece of scrapbook paper as a background – it was black and glittery like the galaxy is. We used Pom-poms for planets. I wrote the name of each thing on paper and Nicholas cut them all out. So the we glued the sun down and glued the tag with the word sun next to the big yellow Pom-Pom. And we won’t through each thing in our solar system. It was awesome!

Nicholas got to practice writing and reading, skills like cutting and gluing, and did it all while learning about the solar system. He soaked it all up and can tell you all about Jupiter, saturn’s rings, and Mars being like Earth. It’s amazing what kids can learn at this age.


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