All about me and the letters R/S.


Today is preschool day! Well, it is my day to teach our preschool co-op. The theme for this week is “all about me.” I have the letters R and S for Tuesday and T for Thursday.

I found this great site with handwriting and letter practice sheets. It lets you pick, out of a few options, what the letters are for. I decided that R is for rocket and S is for snake. Since all 5 kids are boys, those are good choices. It is better than some of the practice sheets where R is for rainbow. The boys just laugh at things like that and then it is hard to get them to focus on practicing their letters. They really like to laugh at rainbows because one of the boys has an older sister who likes rainbows. Therefore, rainbows are for girls. It really does pay to know who you are teaching.

I also like to make sure we include some math. So I use this set of counting sheets on the days when I am teaching. We are doing the harder ones in the sets now. I pick 3 of the sheets and scatter them throughout the morning.

That is it for our traditional book work things. Onto the fun stuff.

Since the week is “all about me” we are making “all about me” books. The book is simply 2 pages of paper, folded in half, and stapled. On the front I wrote “All about me.” Then the kids are going to write their names (they can all do this). On each page their is a prompt. They will get to make a drawing for each prompt. The 6 prompts are:

1. My favorite color is…

2. My favorite toy is…

3. My favorite food is…

4. My house looks like…

5. My family looks like…

6. My favorite thing to do it…

They will have to draw something for each prompt. We shall see how this goes.

I also have some other activities in storage in case we have extra time: I cut out squares of paper that I am going to have them glue onto paper in the shape of snake. I have stickers of farm animals they can put onto paper once they draw a farm. And most of all, I have sugar cookies they can decorate and eat.

This takes 2 hours? Yep. And here’s why: I do an activity between each sit down activity. Our day will really go like this:

Circle time

Freeze dance

Letter tracing – letter R

Active songs

Letter tracing – Letter S

Hide and go Seek

Snack time

All about me books

(extra activities)

Free play for the last 15-20 minutes.

That’s the plan for our day tomorrow. I certainly hope it works out.


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