The importance of a stage

We had a talent show at church on Friday night. I entered my son, along with a few other kids, into the show. They were going to sing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed” and do the dance to the song.

So we practices the song a bunch. He was really excited and did well with the song in practice.

I spent Thursday night making ears and tails for the little monkeys.

Then comes Friday. We got there and practiced to the music on my iPod. The kids laughed and danced. Then we got everyone’s costumes on and practiced again. The kids did less singing and more jumping, but that was fine.

They did great with the performance. They all got up there and did their thing. While it might not have been the most artistic performance, it did get them up in front of a crowd and doing something. It gave them confidence to do it again.

Learning to be on a stage is hard. It can be scary. Starting kids young gives them a chance to not be scared and to enjoy being on the stage. Stages are important because, at some point in time, everyone has to be on one. Even if the stage is simply a presentation.

It was a good learning experience for Nicholas and a fun thing for the moms to see.



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  1. Great post, and great pictures! 🙂 I agree that kids being on stage can give them confidence and help with their public speaking. My boys attended a fine arts program for homeschoolers for the first time this year and today was my 7 year old’s first play. He practiced so hard on his lines, and he learned every one of them. He was nervous about being on stage, but he got up there and said every word…even thought you could tell the poor little guy had to use the restroom, lol. And he even said them loud enough for most of the room to hear! 😀

    Again, I loved peaking at your pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    Making homeschool fun using everything from a wordsearch to web games!

    • And it is important, besides to their self confidence, but for us to see them do it. It makes us, as parents, a little more aware of our children and who they are. I got such a happy feeling seeing him up there. It was awesome.


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