Easter stickers.


I love sticker crafts. My son doesn’t really like to draw, so stickers let him create in a way that coloring doesn’t. In addition, my 16 month old daughter will play with stickers if I let her. So sticker crafts let us all do something fun together.

When I was last at Target they had these big foam eggs for $5 for a pack of 10. They also had some Easter themed stickers to go with the eggs. So I got them all and we made Easter decorations.

Don’t get me wrong, dying eggs can be fun. But with young kids it gets so messy. Plus you have to hard boil the eggs and then eat them all. So making sticker eggs a kids all the mess, cooking, and resultant eating that has to be done.

Stickers. Great things. They help with motor skills (have you peeled the backs off foam stickers lately of peeled ago or peeled stickers off a sheet) – mainly fine motor skills like pinching. They also allow kids to. Rebate beautiful patterns and decorations without having to be able to draw. Stickers allow allow of creativity for kids who aren’t really good at art.

And our Easter eggs are now all decorated and over the house. I do love decorating my house on the cheap. It makes me not feel bad about throwing things away at the end of the season and gives me more space in the garage because I’m not storing things.

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