Our Easter basket cooking project.


We like to cool in my house. If we are cooking sweets, then we like it even more.

I decided to do some Easter basket cookies. We made sugar cookies and put them into cupcake tins and molded them so they were “basket shaped” – approximately. Then once they were cooked we filled them with frosting and topped them with 4 jelly beans each.

It was fun to cook with my son. I think it is important that he learns to cook and cook healthy. So sugar cookies (apple sauce instead of butter) are a great treat to make. Having him cook also makes him realize that work goes into the food he eats and helps develop all his motor skills ( cracking eggs, mixing, pouring, measuring, molding, and frosting are all great tasks for little fingers).

Cooking also teaches math. I only cook – with him – with the 1/4, 1/2, and 1/3 cup measuring cups. It is making him learn math. Also when he has to figure out how many jelly beans we need for 15 baskets if there are 4 beans apiece- well that is all math.

Lastly, I require him to clean up. Chores and cleaning are part of being in a family and living, so the earlier he learns the better. He did most of the clean up from the activity ( it went into the dishwasher).

Cooking with kids has a great many purposes and helps teach many things. It also provides some time for parents to bond with kids and talk with them.


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