Spectrum Preschool books.


We finished the Spectrum Preschool book. It's nice when they have certificates for the kids at the end.

I’m a big fan of not reinventing the wheel. In most cases, all the worksheets and standards I need to know have already been compiled somewhere. Spectrum does a great job of compiling everything into workbooks that cover the range of skills and knowledge each “grade” is supposed to know.

I’m not a huge believe in grades, but I don’t want to miss something that he should know. The Spectrum books help me make sure I’m covering everything.

Don’t get me wrong – like all workbooks they are a tad repetitive. I’m a little unsure as to whether his smile in the picture is because he’s done with the book or because he’s getting a certificate.

We only do a page or two a day from these books because they are repetitive and slightly boring for a kid who is beyond these skills and is an active learner. But I figure that it’s a good review and better to be sure he’s covered everything in the book than to miss something and discover it later on. Also, it made a good thing to take when we might be waiting somewhere. He did any number of pages while we were waiting for food at a restaurant.

Here’s a link to the Spectrum book at Barnes and Noble.

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