Learning about force.

We spent some of our preschool time learning about force.

I defines force as: something that can act on another object to make it do something.

Then I had the boys make tin foil balls. They could make them as big or as small as they wanted. At first they all started with big ones. However, after our first race they all crushed them into small ones. I gave them straws and said that they were going to creat force by blowing into the straws. They had to blow through the straws, at the balls, and move them across the floor.

They had a blast. At first they tried to do it standing up. But as you can see from the pictures, they soon learned that force directly behind an object moves it best. They blew hard and soft. But they all figure it out without me having to make them do anything.

They had great conversations while doing this. As soon as someone made their ball move a lot the other boys asked how they did it. Then the boy had to explain how he did it. The conversation I almost as important as the physics lesson!

Needless to say, they enjoyed their lesson on force and didn’t want to stop.


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