The great cow visit.

Ah, feeding the cows. Those tongues are something else.

Learning about animals is fun. What is more fun is getting to see the animals you are learning about up close and personal.

We have been studying cows on and off for 2 weeks. Cows are easy animals for us to study because we can write the word “cow” (practicing our letters), draw cows, make sounds like cows, and sing cow songs. I have even made sets of cow ears out of construction paper for us to wear while learning about cows.

What is more fun is taking our walk to see the cows. There is a two mile loop around our neighborhood that goes by five different cattle pastures. We get to see all types of cows, sometimes bulls, the baby cows (now we see them). Then there are the great moments when cows poop. Of course my 4-year-old loves seeing the cows poop and gets a huge kick out of yelling, “Mommy the cows are pooping!” My 17 month old then laughs hysterically and we continue on our walk. We have named some of the cows and talk about what they look like.

However, even the cattle in the pastures aren’t tame enough that I would let me son feed them. So when we went to Tilden Park (in Berkeley) and the Little Farm, I thought this would be great – a chance to see the cows up close and personal.

My youngest (she’s 17 months), loves to see cows, point, and yell “mama” at the cows. She also likes to wave at them, laugh when she sees them, and generally just enjoys seeing them. When she walked to the farm and saw the cows, she ran up the small hill to the farm and abruptly stopped 5 feet from the cows. She turned around, raced to her grandmother, begged to be picked up, and hung on tight. She wanted nothing to do with petting the cow up close and personal. It surprised me, since she’s my daredevil. But oh well. She did hang out in her grandmother’s arms while her grandmother petted the cow. She also laughed at it and thought it was funny.

Nicholas, my tentative one, fed the cows celery. He was shocked when the cow licked him. He couldn’t decide what was “awesomest” about the cow – the long tongue or that it made a really big cow pie right in front of him. He did tell me he wanted to ride it, but that wasn’t in the cards.

Now they have seen cows up close and personal. I bet you can guess what he wanted to focus on this morning…..learning more about cows. I wasn’t surprised at all.

Here are some great sites that help me with my lessons:

Kid’s Corner about Cows

Oracle Thinkquest Cows

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