We really like to read in our house. After bath time we read, listen to music, and dance. Reading generally happen while one child is singing and dancing.

One of our favorite books is The Very Busy Spider. So we had that a the basis of our lesson today.

We wrote the words “spider” and “web.” Then we got out the magnetic letters and played with those to make some of the words in the book. Following our practice with the letters and words, we worked on reading the story together. And Nicholas did help me read the story – especially the words we had just practiced. Abby was in charge of turning pages and pointing to the animals.

Then we made a web. I thought that might tire them out. To make the web I gave them 1/2 a thing of blue yarn (a skein I think). I arranged the chairs in various places and had them run the yarn around the chairs however they wanted.

Yes, we got tangled and tripped and caught up. But it was a ton of fun watching Abby and Nicholas try and do it together.

And of course, when it was all finished, various animals got caught in the web. It became a Spider-Man web.

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