Bead work.


One of the great things about children is that they don’t always realize they are learning when they are learning. It is part of what is fun about teaching them – making lessons seem like play and not lessons.

We have a box of big wooden beads and shoe laces that sits in our closet and comes out sometimes. When I first got it I was using it to help my oldest learn the names of 3 dimensional shapes and practice motor skills by stringing the blocks onto the strings. Then we started working with them and patterns on the strings. We would always tie the ends of the string together to make necklaces.

Now they serve another purpose. I’m using them to teach our youngest her colors and develop motor skills. Nicholas still does the bead work too – but now we do the colors in German with him and count in German. So we have expanded the use of the beads.

Perhaps the best thing about the bead work is that the kids don’t even realize they are learning and working while they are playing.

I asked Nicholas to name, in German, the colors as he was putting the beads on and he did fairly well. Sometimes green and yellow got mixed up, but who can blame him (in German they both start with g). Abby was in charge of making sure to collect all the blue beads. Then she helped me put them on the string. And just like always, we wore the necklaces afterwards. Nicholas even took his to his preschool group for show and tell.

It is great fun teaching the kids.



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