Kumon workbooks.

A proud certificate holder! He's finished two more of his workbooks.

We recently finished up 2 of our workbooks, both from Kumon. The first was, My Book of Simple Addition. The second was, My Book Of Rhyming Words (Kumon Workbooks).

Let me explain why I like the Kumon workbooks. First – they are repetitive but not boringly so. Repetition is important. Just like learning a physical skill takes practice and repetition, learning language and math skills takes practice and repetition. These books help the process along and I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel and create worksheets for him.

Second, the “lessons” are all contained. They are a front and back of a page. There is nothing that is too long. Everything takes 5 minutes or less when done properly (without having to stop for a million distractions). That means it takes us about 20 minutes to finish both sides of a worksheet – which is about the amount of time I like to sit and do something at the table. The length is perfect for us.

Third, the books are all integrated with each other. The Kumon people have even been nice enough, on the back of the books, to place a tree to show the way the books interact with each other.

Lastly, the books are skill based. Sure, there are sometimes grades attached to the various books. But mostly they have age ranges (I take them as suggested) and are truly based on skills. An addition book doesn’t require him to read. The reading book doesn’t require him to do math. There is nothing that crosses the various boundaries. These are perfect books for him to learn math and basic skills in that might not get covered in our various other lessons.

We are moving forwards with the next set of Kumon books and I’m excited. He likes it when we get to the end and he gets the certificate. It’s amazing how he settles down and is willing to complete the last 3 lessons all at once so he can have the certificate.

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