Paleontology day.



So it was dinosaur day outside. We happen to have a lot of dinosaur things on our walls. We own the entire dinosaur Zoo Books set (thanks grandma). We have dinosaur timelines on our walls. We love dinosaurs. We also like being outside and since it is 80+ degrees by 9am outside lessons are fun.

To start off we spent time reading about different dinosaurs. Then we looked onto and played some dinosaur games.

We then learned what a paleontologist is. Nicholas was very excited to know there are people whose job is only about dinosaurs. Then we looked to see what tools a paleontologist needed. Once we gathered a shovel, pail, rake, magnifying glass and a basket we went on our “dig.”

I had hidden “bones” made of different colored card stock in the sand pit in our yard. My intrepid paleontologists went searching for bones. Once they found them all we put the bones together.

The bones went together how he thought they should go. I didn’t direct him. We ended up with some interesting looking dinosaurs. Of course, they were some interesting bones too.

We also did our traditional time of practicing writing letters, working with rhyming words, puzzles, and addition. But in honor of the day, we did all the work outside.

And so went our paleontology day.


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