Animal fact sheets to go with the “Zoo Lesson” post.

Here are the animal fact sheets that I used with my zoo lesson. You are welcome to them.



Lives: Africa

Eats: Meat

Group is called: Pride

Sound: Roar

Fun fact: Lions are known as the kings of the jungle. When they walk they don’t touch their heels to the ground.




Lives: India and Southeast Asia – forests and swamps – never far from water.

Eats: meat

Group is called: Streak

Sound: Roar

Fun fact: Largest wild cat (up to 720 lbs). Likes to swim and hunts at night.




Lives: Africa

Eats: Tree leaves

Group is called: Herd

Sound: Infrasound – cannot be heard by humans

Fun fact: Tallest animals. Their tongues can be 21 inches long.




Lives: savannahs/Africa

Eats:  grass, bark. Leaves, fruit, roots

Group is called: family

Sounds: braying, barking, snorting

Fun fact: Black and white stripes – no pattern is the same on each zebra.




Lives: Africa-  dense forest, woodlands, rain forests, grasslands

Eats: fruit, leaves, seeds, stems, small insects

Group is called: Community

Sound:  barks and grunts (the “hoo-hoo-hoo”)

Fun fact: the spend most of their day in trees and walk on all fours when on the ground.

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