Preparing for Washington D.C.

We are headed to Washington D.C. in a few weeks and so I changed our lessons to be lessons that will make a difference when we are there. We are planning on visiting the Natural History Museum, the Air and Space Museum, and the monuments on the Mall. We are only there for 2 days, so I figure that is enough to squeeze into that time frame. If we get really lucky, we can hit the American History museum too – since that is what the adults on the trip really like.

The great thing about the Smithsonian museums is that they have “education” sections on their web pages for the different museum. These education pages give lesson plans, ideas, and virtual tours. This will allow me to really prepare our kids to go to the museum and see things – in so much as you can prepare young children.

I have made a cycle of 10 lesson plans that we will go through. Each of the lesson plans has a few different iterations, so that we cover the same things but in different ways. The 10 lesson plans will be repeated until we are ready to go. I’ve narrowed down what we are doing at home, but I plan on visiting every exhibition in the museums if we can.

Here’s the 10 plans and their focus:

1. Rocks and Minerals/Soil

2. Dinosaurs

3. Ocean/Biodiversity

4. How things fly

5. History of flight

6. Space and space flight.

7. George Washington

8. Jefferson/Lincoln

9. Museum exhibits: they post a bunch of stuff online so you can tour it and view them before you go.

10. American history

That’s the plan. We start tomorrow, so I will start posting the things we are going to do with the lessons starting then.

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