Dinosaur lesson

After our “Rocks and Minerals” lesson, during which we covered what a fossil is, we move onto dinosaurs.

By far and away, the best dinosaur page is the Smithsonian’s paleontology page.  They have a virtual dinosaur dig that we spent 45 minutes on – we only stopped because I decided enough was enough. They have an “Everything you want to know” page. There is simply a ton of material on the site. It is presented in an easily accessible way, and it really helped me.

I also became a member of Learningpage.com because of their theme printables. The membership is free, and they have tons of activities, fun fact files, and projects to do with different themes. I printed off some of their dinosaur mazes, a math page or two that used dinosaur feet, some fun fact files, a quiz based on some of the fun facts, and got ready.

I printed the answers to the quiz questions on 3×5 cards and put them up all over the walls with scotch tape. I printed the names of various dinosaurs on index cards and stuck those up too. Then I printed of some of their pictures of dinosaurs (it is really helpful to not have to run around trying to find good pictures of things since learningpage.com has them all in one spot).

I pulled out each picture and we memorized the fun facts about each of those dinosaurs. Then we colored the picture. Nicholas then had to find the name of the dinosaur on the wall, pull it down, and stick it on the coloring page. We put that and the fact sheet to the side. We did this for about 5 dinosaurs. Then we did the quiz. Instead of writing the answers, he had to go find them on the wall and hand them to me. Since he doesn’t write well, or on his own, this is a great alternative. It forces him to sound out some of the words, recognize numbers, and still lets him have the independence of answering the quiz. It was a lot of fun.

The we pulled out our “ZooBooks” dinosaur book and had to read the whole thing. Twice.

We did dinosaur mazes, the dinosaur math pages, and his normal letter/handwriting practice. The he wanted to do rhyming words with dinosaur names. I really didn’t know anything that rhymed with T-Rex, but we had some fun making up words. It demonstrated that he understands the concept of rhyming at least.

Later in the day we made dinosaur snacks. He said he was going to be a herbivore, so he ate an apple and some carrots since those are plants. Then he told me he was going to be a cookie-vore and found the cookies and ate some of those too. I let that go because it was pretty darn cute.

It was a lot of fun. We learned a lot about dinosaurs – again. I don’t know how I’m going to adapt this for the next dinosaur lesson, since we seem to know tons about dinosaurs already. But I’ll find something.

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