Pretzel cooking activity

Making sure each pretzel gets covered in chocolate was an easy job for Nicholas. Not so easy was waiting to eat them until they cooled off.

Chocolate covered pretzels are yummy for everyone and can be a healthy alternative to regular chocolate.

What you need:

1. Pretzels

2. Chocolate to melt (we used the candy melts; if you are using regular chocolate you will need shortening to help it firm up)

3. Sprinkles

4. Wax paper

What you do:

Melt the chocolate in a bowl that is deep enough to dip the pretzels in. Then dip the pretzels in the chocolate and place them to harden on the wax paper. Sprinkle sprinkles over them before the chocolate hardens.

Then enjoy your snack!

Of course, part of cooking is cleaning, so we did the dishes from this project together.


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