Space and space flight lesson.

We already do a lot with space, so I wanted this lesson to focus more on space flight. I found this great resource from NASA on space and spaceflight (click here).

So what did we do? We simply went through this website. It sounds simple, but it was extremely effective. It gave a different take on the planets, showed great pictures, have videos that showed what the website was describing, and was a great scientific view on space and space flight. I skipped over some things while I was reading the web pages (I had to pull stuff out that wasn’t age-level appropriate), but I didn’t make anything simpler.

The amazing thing about websites is that my son is enthralled with them. He wouldn’t sit still if this website had been a book; but since it was a website and he could click around, scroll down, and look at awesome video clips, he was excited and stayed focused.

Then we went onto You Tube and searched “rocket launches” and watched almost every video they have 🙂

I found a great set of planet riddles at Super Teacher (on their free examples pages, I didn’t pay for a membership). I put the names of planets on sheets of paper. He had to choose the right planet to answer the rhyme, and then we drew the planet according to what the rhyme said.

We also made rockets – I meant to post a picture but they didn’t survive the many launch and landing attempts. We used toilet paper rolls as the main rocket, and construction paper for the fins and cone on top. As we “launched” them (threw them from the ground into the air, we said things like, “The booster rockets are firing to create force to launch the rocket,” and “5-4-3-2-1 blast off,” and other things we learned from the JPL/NASA website.

Then we went and did our letter practice and addition and rhyming words. There are lots of fun words that rhyme with rocket and blast – even some words that I never knew existed 🙂 It gave my son practice writing the words, which is all I really care about when we work on rhyming words.

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